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We work part-time jobs, we take family leaves, we give up lucrative jobs, we try to look nice all the time, we want to be friendly, and we put ourselves last, in order to meet up to our own expectations as wives* and moms*. We just smile away inappropriate comments, because we really need the job. We still pour coffee for male co-workers—we just take it. As usual. “What about family planning?“—We just answer questions like that, as our future bosses need to make plans, too… We tell our daughters not to walk home alone, and we tell them not to wear the short skirt for the night out in the club, because we know what might happen.

The situation does not get any better when it comes to work and wage equality. We are told that a woman* can become whatever she* wants, as long as she does it right. It is a well-known fact that the majority of women* in the workforce are employed in care and office jobs, and they are still paid less than their male counterparts. The low wages are not a coincidence: Still today, many women* do not get an equal pay, because they chose to work in the service industry. Many female-dominated occupations are badly paid, because society states that these jobs are nothing to make money of, and anyways—women* have always liked helping and caring for others. Why would anyone expect a fair pay?

Who stays at home instead of having a career? When women* come home after work, there is still housework to be done: meals, birthday parties, laundry, cleaning, etc. Who asks things like “Is my skirt too short? Is my shirt to tight?” It is women*, and it is also women* that are expected to do all the planning, because society states that we like it. We plan school parties for the kids, our husband’s meeting as well as the next family reunion. Because we like it—right?


 This is not a coincidence, it does not have to be like this!
Women* are raised to be friendly, passive, shy, and caring. Men are, however, supposed to be dominant by nature. The real problem is that many people still believe that it is easier to laugh about stereotypes like these, but this way of thinking has caused disastrous consequences. Every three days a woman is killed by their lover or ex-lover. Is this just a family drama? These murders are more than just personal fights. There is more to it! Women* are being killed for the simple fact that they are women*! If women* speak up, their statements will shortly after be followed by a huge media shitstorm. Poverty among the elderly is especially common in single moms —also just a coincidence? Every third woman in Germany has been a victim of sexual abuse, and people still tell women* to wear appropriate outfits. Above all, conservative men call out for a ban on abortion and as a consequence, they fight against women’s* rights to self-determination.
Even if the media claims that gender equality has become normal for ALL people in an equal society, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, our reality is still different. There is an increasing number of people who call out for the traditional idea of family. They state that men and women* have specific roles they are born into. Homo-trans-inter-discrimination is still common, as they don’t fit into the binary system of gender (men/women*).
Women*, inter, trans and non-binary persons finally start to speak up and take a stand against discrimination. Movements like #metoo and #wontbeerased have become known in the U.S. and all over the world. Ni una menos in South America, #aufschrei in Germany, #aintnocinderella in India, the Girls of the Street of the Revolution in Iran, #thisisnotconsent in Ireland and the Kurdish struggle. Women’s* strikes have also formed in the past years in Argentina, Spain, Iceland, Poland, Ireland, and Great Britain.

Because we know:

We are the engine of society, and if we decide to stop doing the things we do, the world will stop turning.


 Strikes are common in companies and trade unions, and the main issue is payment. We do not only address employers, but politics, economics and every single person. In order to strike wage work, we need to know that the trade unions stand with us. So please stay informed, and also read our legal aspects. With or without trade unions, wage work is not all we do. There are so many different ways in which we can strike. Let’s occupy public spaces, wear out strike symbols, let’s not cook coffee for our bosses, etc. The ways of action are as diverse as we are. In 1994, more than one million women* struck on March 8th. We are convinced that the time has come to make a stand and draw attention to our concerns!


 Let’s show them that a world without us stops turning! On March 8th, 2019 we will take our struggle to the streets! And we want you to be part of the struggle. Be there, be loud, stand up, speak up! It affects us all! This struggle affects grandchildren, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, and ourselves.

We want that women* can express their anger confidently—together, angrily, and loud!

We want that women* stick together and avouch for one another!

We want to change the pictures in people’s minds on how women* should be like and look like.

We want more than just a piece of the pie, we want to make our own decisions.


Talk about what moves you. Discuss what you want to change. Talk about how you want to live. Organize, demonstrate, be creative, be fierce, be loud!

Get organized at work, university, school, ask your friends, groups and everywhere you meet other people. Be part of the strike and make people aware of what you have to say!



You cook. You clean. You take care of the children. You have sex even though you don't feel like it. You abandoned all your plans to carry your child to full term. You are afraid to say NO. You are afraid to be alone on the streets at night. You can‘t attend your language course because you can't find a daycare for your children. You can‘t leave your partner becaue you're financially dependent on him. You‘re told you're not allowed to love women. You come up with a proposal in a business meeting but it only gets approved when male colleague repeats it. You are a trans*woman but you're not accepted as a woman. You have to justify for the gender-atypical behaviour of your child


 You are ashamed of your period. 'Germany's next topmodel' is on TV again and you start to feel to fat. You think you're not trying hard enough. You are told you're too pretty to be smart. You are told you‘re incomplete because you don't have children. You are told that your child needs a father.You are told that you need a man. You heard again today that you're too stupid. You put on make up to keep up with other women. You stand in front of the mirror every day and you're ashamed of your body. You are told you are incompetent because you're too fat. You do the same job but get a lower wag.e 


 You get admonished by the advertising industry to not look your age. Your partner says contraception is a women's issue. You want to party but you get groped. You did not get the job because your name doesn't sound 'German' enough. You are not listened to when you have something to say. You get beaten when you make a mistake. You had an abortion and you're afraid to talk about it. You have to leave your flat because your husband beats you. You are called a slut because you're rather be with someone else. Your work is not appreciated. You always have to fight for time for yourself. You smile although you feel like crying.




 Talk about it, discuss, get organised, plan actions, join actions, be creative, visible and loud!

 Organise yourselves with your female neighbours, at your workplaces, universities, schools, your circle of girlfriends, women‘s groups and everywhere you come together! Take part in the nationwide women's strike on the 8th of March with your topics!

 Find out about what this means and what exactly YOU can do at wir-streiken.de


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 بانگەوازی گشتیی

تۆ خواردن دروستده‌که‌یت. ماڵ پاک ده‌که‌یتەوە. سەرەڕای ئەوەی حەزناکەیت و ییتوانایت ویستی هاوژینەکەت جێبەجێدەکەیت و لەگەڵی دەخەویت. ‌/تۆ له‌وه‌ دەترسیت کە بڵێی نا. تۆ له‌وه‌ ده‌ترسیت به‌ شه‌و به‌ ته‌نیا له‌سه‌ر جاده‌ پیاسە بکەیت. تۆ ناتوانیت بچیته‌ کۆرسی زمان له‌به‌رئه‌وه‌ی که‌ست نییه‌ ئاگای له‌ منداڵەکانت بێت. تۆ ناتوانیت واز له‌ پیاوه‌که‌ت بێنیت له‌به‌رئه‌وه‌ی تۆ پێویستت بە سەرچاوە دارایییەکانی ئەوە و خۆت هیچ سەرچاوەیەکی داراییت نییە.  خه‌لک پێت ده‌ڵێن تۆ نابێت ژنێکت خۆشبوێت. تۆ جێندەری خۆت گۆڕیوە و خه‌ڵک تۆ وه‌کو ژن نابینێ . دایک و باوک فشار له‌سه‌ر منداڵەکان ده‌که‌ن له‌به‌ر ئه‌وه‌ی ده‌ڵێن سروشتیان له‌ جنسی خۆیان ناچێت؟

لە ئەمڕۆ بەدواوە ئەو شتانە قبوڵنەکەیت.

تۆ شه‌رم له‌ خۆت ده‌که‌ی له‌به‌ر خوێنی مانگانەی ژنانەت. که‌ مۆدێل له‌ لە تەلەفزیۆنەکانەوە خۆیان نماییش دەکەن تۆ هه‌ست ده‌که‌ی جەستەت جوان نییه‌. تۆ وا ده‌زانیت زۆر هه‌وڵ ناده‌ی. خه‌ڵک پێت ده‌ڵێن تا تۆ له‌وه‌ جوانتریت زیره‌ک ببیت. تۆ منداڵت نییه‌ و خه‌ڵک ده‌ڵێن تۆ له‌به‌ر ئه‌وه‌ کۆمەڵایەتیی نیت. خه‌ڵک پێت ده‌ڵێن منداڵه‌که‌ت پێویستی به‌ باوکێکه‌. خه‌ڵک پێت ده‌ڵێن تۆ پێویستت به‌ پیاوێکه‌. خه‌ڵک هێشتاش هەر پێت ده‌ڵێن تۆ بێ عەقلیت. تۆ لەبەرئەوە ماکیاژ دەکەیت تا وا بیرنەکەیتەوە کە لە ژنێکی تر ناشیرینتری. شەرم لە خۆت دەکەیت کاتێک دەچیتە بەر ئاوێنە. خه‌ڵک وا ده‌زانن تۆ زیره‌ک نیت له‌به‌رئه‌وه‌ی قه‌ڵه‌ویت. تۆ هەمان ئیشی پیاوان دەکەیت بەڵام لەوان کەمتر موچە و کرێی کارەکەت پێدەدرێت؟

تۆ تەنها بە شێوەی خۆت باش و بەبەهای.

رێکلامەکان پێت دەڵێت هیچ کەسێک نابێت تەمەنت بزانێت. خێزانت پێتدەڵێت حەبی رێگرتن لە منداڵبون بخۆ. تۆ دەتەوێ بچیتە ئاهەنگێک بەڵام لەجیاتی رێزگرتن هەندێک کەس دەستت بۆ دێنن و دەستدرێژیی سێکسییت دەکەنە سەر. تۆ ناتوانیت ئیشێک وەدەستبێنی چونکە ناوت لای هەندێک کەس ناوێکی بیانییە و ئەڵمانیی نییە. کاتێک شتێک دەڵێیت خەڵک گوێت لێناگرن. کە هەڵەیەک دەکەی لێت دەدەن. منداڵێک لەباردەبەیت و دەترسیت باسیبکەیت. کاتێک پیاوەکەت لێتدەدا دەبێت لە ماڵ دەربچیت. خەڵک پێتدەڵێن تۆ بێناموسی کە بتەوێت لەگەڵ پیاوێکی تر بژیت. رێز لە ئیشەکەت ناگرن. هیچ کاتت بۆ خۆت نەهێشتۆتەوە. تۆ هەر پێدەکەنیت لە کاتێکدا خۆت لە بارودۆخێکی دەتەوێت پڕ بە گەروت هاوار بکەیت.

پێویستە تۆ لەو ساتەدا شتێک بگۆڕی.

ئەمە کێشەی هەمومانە، بەسە، ئێمە چالاکیی ژنان دەکەین.

باسی کێشەکانتان بکەن. کۆببنەوە. چالاکیی بەڕێوەبببەن. دیار بن و دەنگ هەڵبڕن.

لەگەڵ دراوسێکانتان، لە زانکۆ و خوێندنگاکانتان، لەگەڵ هاوڕێیانتان کۆببنەوە. لە تەواوی ئەڵمانی رۆژی ٨ی ئاداری ٢٠١٩ لە چالاکیی ژنان بەشدارببن و بابەتی خۆتان پێشکەشبکەن.

دەتوانن سەردانی ماڵپەڕەکەمان بکەن بۆ زانیاریی زیاتر wir-streiken.de